Download our protocols and safety guide to prevent covid 19

Currently we aim to preserve the health of our hosts, colaborators and partners. Faced with the spread of the coronavirus, we have adopted health measures and a security protocol for all of our homes and establishments.

All our establishments in Argentina, Brazil and France have temporarily ceased their activities, in accordance with the recommendations of the respective governments and authorities. The establishments will reopen their doors in accordance with local government regulations. Our Reservation service is always operational, you can contact us at any time by email or phone.

Our safety policy and sanitary measures

Our policy evolves according to the health recommendations of each country.

Visual guidelines

We display safety instructions and recommendations in all access points to establishments. In frequented places we organized the distance by marking on the ground and / or a direction of traffic.

Hands hygiene

Our health protocols are strengthened, our team is trained and applies the right actions to protect yourself and the virus.

Regular hand washing is one of the barrier gestures adopted by our employees.

Many situations that systematically require hand washing:

  • Before and after handling garbage or waste: 
  • Before and after eating, handling food.
  • After touching public surfaces: counters, handrails, door handles, railings, etc.
  • After handling money, keys, animals, etc.
  • After going to the bathroom

To guarantee hand washing in optimal conditions for you and our employees, the supply of hydroalcoholic soaps and gels is checked several times a day. We have distributors of hydroalcoholic gel at strategic points in each establishment.

Surface disinfection and room ventilation

Surfaces are regularly disinfected: counters, railings, on handles, tables, taps, elevator call buttons, telephones, VSEs, computers, stair railings, fire extinguishers, corridor switches.

The disinfection is done daily and the frequency is adapted to the traffic and accumulation of people and time of year.

Best Practices for common areas

Living room, Bar, Restaurants

  • The tables are located 2 meters apart.
  • The tables are disinfected with alcohol before breakfast and after each service.
  • The placemats are washed in the dishwasher after each use.
  • Tables are served with disposable gloves.
  • Room service is available in our establishments.


  • Each employee has working clothes for daily use and cleaned / disinfected every day.
  • Employees wear gloves in the kitchen and a disposable mask.
  • Gloves are changed each time the cook has to perform a different task.
  • Masks are changed everytime a employe enter into the kitchen (in the morning and after each break)
  • Worktops and ustensils are disinfected before and after each use.
  • The use of disposable absorbent paper is preferred for drying surfaces.
  • Each employee (cook or not) must wash their hands upon arriving at the establishment and then several times a day, even if they wear gloves all day.
Room cleaning

Our housekeeping team is trained and rigorously applies reinforced procedures and barrier gestures.

  • The bedrooms and bathrooms are thoroughly cleaned, sanitized and ventilated.
  • Bed and bathroom linen is washed at high temperature in accordance with the authorities’ recommendations.
  • Each employee must wear a mask and gloves.

Coronavirus Prevention

If you feel unwell during your stay: please contact reception from your room who will tell you what to do.