The best thing one man can do for another is to share his dream

Boutique hotel and hospitality innovators in Savoy and Argentina, the Fenestraz family is keen to welcome you to one of their Maisons. Whether you prefer to ski the slopes of the 3 Vallées, ride horseback in the Argentinean pampa or stroll on the beaches of Brazil, you will certainly appreciate the alliance between the French art of hosting and the South American human touch.

Maison Fenestraz welcomes holidaymakers in search of exclusive, authentic and warm locations. On both sides of the Atlantic, they are petite slices of paradise that have evolved in their singularity to the delight of their guests.

With its preserved nature, terroir and gastronomy, the Savoy is one of the gems that have made France the leading tourism destination in the world…Come to discover the roots of the Fenestraz family !

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FAMILY STORY Maison Fenestraz, Pioneer Spirit

Shaped by a solid work ethic, the story of the Fenestraz family proves that mountains can literally be moved … The Raymonde and André Fenestraz success story has been written with French flare, and today their son Raoul continues the family tradition.

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